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[icons] Naoto from Persona 4
from way up high

( x13 )

[ICONS] Odin Sphere; Cornelius, Ingway, Velvet
O what men dare do
Odin Sphere
66 Cornelius;
11 Ingway;
6 Velvet;
9 Merchant;

all in this thingCollapse )

I'm no icon-maker, so these are the laziest of crops. The collection of screenshots used for these icons can be found here for those of you wanting to use those instead. I'm taking requests (in the other post) on what parts of the game to rip for those of you wanting a specific bit.

tutorial; icons: Natalie Dormer
*gramma what a big nose you have*, *wat is this thing you call... wub*, *...mommy?*
Just a handful of icons I did as an experiment, as well as a... tutorial? Sort of? More of a postscript to a tutorial I wrote a while back, really, but. Yeah IDK!

( Warning: contains moderately lengthy prattling about my iconning methods. )

Mods, there doesn't seem to be a standard set yet for tagging by pb; I hope this is acceptable?

(no subject)
it beats inside
More Apollo than you could ever want

( more here )

[Icons] Noyamano Rika, Mikura Kazuma, and Spitfire from Air Gear
Because I don't want my Air Gear binging to go to waste.

I love bright colors can you tell yet?Collapse )

Credit: counttosheep

[Icons][Freya from Chobits]
Flying high, I pray your soul to keep, When I give my heart it will be complete
Maybe if I make Freya icons someone will app her!!! /cries alone in the corner

...Hey, a girl can have dreams, y'know.

What planet is this?Collapse )
Anyway Credit @ smiledotjpg if you take any.

[Icons] Ganymede and Apollo from Olimpos, Chii from Chobits
I've taught myself icon colouring, as best I can, literally over the past three days. So they're not ~perfect~ yet, but I'm getting better.

The work of the Fiddleback Weaver is never done~Collapse )

If you take any, credit smiledotjpg .

[icons] Hiead from Megami Kouhosei, Sumire from Kamui, Kazuma from Kare Kano
literati love.

snip!Collapse )

[icons] Labrador from 07-Ghost
it beats inside

( here )

[Icons] Howard Link from D.Gray-man
Laying down the pieces
This is half to remind people this comm exists. It isn't just for CFUD icons, people! And anyone interested in CFUD can join and post \o/

40+ icons under the cutCollapse )

Credit to me (ceesoo) is appreciated if you use the icons o/


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