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cfud_icons's Journal

Icon Community for CFUDians and others!
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As the name suggests, this is an icon community for CFUD players, because we spend entirely too much time on 100x100 images than is healthy.

The point of the comm is for CFUDers to use it for anything related to icons. Post your huge icon sets! Get second opinions on some coloring techniques you're trying! Make a tutorial! You can even use it as a place to whore out icons of people you want others to app. There aren't too many limits, as long as it's icon-related.

There are just a few guidelines to follow when using this comm:

--- Three images outside the cut, the rest inside. The dial up users would hate us otherwise. (Polls are an exception, but try not to get too crazy. If it's a big poll, cut it.)
--- Entries are to be tagged with "canon: [CANON NAME]" and "character: [CHARACTER NAME]." If you also want to tag it with "creator: [WHATEVER YOU CALL YOURSELF]" then go nuts.
--- If you want to do a tutorial on how to make icons, it gets tagged with "tutorial".
--- If anything's NSFW, always a good idea to mention that before the cut.
--- Be sure to let people know somewhere in the post if your icons are NOT for public use, otherwise assume icons can be used with credit.